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Trauma and Its Effect on First Responders

The purpose of the seminar is to identify the signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress injuries, introduce evidence based treatments and identify providers who treat post traumatic stress injuries specifically for the first responder community. This event is open to first responders and their partners as well as community leaders interested in learning more. This seminar will take place on September 14, 2018 at The Life Learning Center in Covington. The day begins at 8 am and ends at 3 pm. The cost to attend this event is $25. “Bulletproof Spirit” by Captain Dan Willis and lunch will be included in the cost. Seating is limited. Buy tickets here


Kate Chard, PhD, Director of Trauma Recovery Center, Cincinnati VA; Director of the UC Stress Center

Myrrhanda Jones, Community Outreach Director IAFF Center for Excellence

Abby Morris, MD, Medical Director IAFF Center for Excellence

Captain Dan Willis, Ret. La Mesa Police Department

Jo Terry, Founder of The Chip Terry Fund

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